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I BIM International Conference



The BIMFórum Portugal, founded in 2012, makes up a network of professionals and researchers in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) who feel that the practice, education, and research of AEC have to be radically renewed in order to respond to the challenges ahead. 


Despite the inertia of the construction industry towards innovation, in the last few years as an answer to the increasing need to reduce waste and improve performance, several innovative technologies emerged in the construction sector. New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) challenged traditional working methods and stimulated change and modernization. Slowly but progressively, these technologies are integrated into construction processes and demonstrate that potential gains are possible. 


It is worth emphasizing the particular importance and growing use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is already recognized as a new construction paradigm, which is in fact changing processes and behaviours. Using BIM technology makes possible constructing an accurate 3D virtual and parametric model of a building containing precise geometry and relevant data needed to support construction, fabrication and procurement activities necessary to the building process. It promotes collaboration, integration, process automation and potentiates virtual reality simulations. Several international initiatives have already demonstrated effective performance improvements and consequently the mandatory use of BIM becomes to be internationally discussed. In fact, several countries such as the United Kingdom, USA, Finland, Singapore, and others, already have deadlines for mandatory BIM use in public works, which will induce a significant change in construction. 


The Work Group BIM from Portuguese Construction Technological Platform, founded in 2012 too, includes architecture and engineering designers, construction companies, scientific institutions and universities, aiming the BIM concept spread and the development of the BIM standard in Portugal. The proposed 1st BIM International Conference aims to discuss BIM implementation worldwide and to generate synergies towards a more competitive industry by incentivizing the development of a BIM cluster able to export its BIM knowledge and competencies. As a construction industry professional you will be able to take part of this vision. This event focuses on the need for an appropriate BIM strategy to meet the business needs of the construction industry and will give special attention to the BIM process and how this process should drive technology selection and not the other way around.



The conference is business oriented, so networking is one of its main goals. The main International BIM experts are expected to attend the conference. There will be a paralell networking program dedicated to all the participants who are visitors to the city of Porto.