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BIM National Workshop

The 1st BIM National Workshop in Portugal, sponsored by the BIM Working Group of PTPC, held last November 28, in the Auditorium of the Congress Centre of the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, in Lisbon. Under the theme "BIM in Portugal: The state of the art and the future", the event intended to promote a mobilizing reflection on the adoption and development of this methodology and was attended by some 250 industry professionals. The entire construction field has been represented.

The prominent role that BIM (Building Information Modeling) has assumed throughout the cycle of the project construction is evidenced by the international investment that has been implemented by major property developers, designers, constructors, licensing authorities and others.

According to António Meireles, coordinator of the BIM Working Group, it is urgent to create in Portugal an initiative that aims to define a strategy for implementing the methodology, in parallel with the development of BIM national standards governing this implementation, as it has happened in other countries. 

There are cases in Portugal of successful implementation of BIM; however these are often specific and restricted to the internal processes of organizations. Many of these cases were presented at the Workshop and the participants have witnessed the technical quality of the various implementations. 

Fernando Silva, vice president of INCI*, believes that "... tools / technologies like BIM can help to improve, basically, everything that is related to the design, construction and management of the ventures themselves, (...) I consider that this debate is very interesting and important conclusions will certainly come out here for us as regulator institute. We may also make proposals to the government for a future adoption of this methodology, in line with what is already being done in a number of countries."

The BIM Working Group has challenged all the present entities to express their willingness to cooperate in this challenge and to contribute towards strengthening the brand of Portuguese construction industry as new proactive construction technology and business management.

The BIM Working Group and "BIM strategies" at international level

Presentations of the speakers (most of them in Portuguese)


* The Institute of Building and Real Estate, InCI, is a public institution with legal personality, administrative and financial autonomy and its own assets, which exerts its action in dependency guardianship and under supervision of the Minister of Public Works, Transport and communications. The InCI mission is to regulate and supervise the construction and real estate, streamline, regulate and supervise the activities of this sector, produce statistical information and sectoral analyzes and ensure coordinated action in the state sector.