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Conference Dinner at  Medeiros e Almeida Museum  (October 9, 2014)


Built in 1896 by a Lisbon lawyer Victor Augusto dos Santos, the work is left to the builder Manuel Correia Junior. The building remained in the family until 1921, when it is sold to Eduardo Guedes de Sousa. 


Two years later the owner decided to add the last two floors, according to a project by the architect Carlos Rebelo de Andrade. 


In 1927 it was sold to the Vatican State, with the goal to settle there the Apostolic Nunciature, represented by Monsignor Peter Ciriaci, Archbishop of Tarsus. 


In 1943 is acquired by António Medeiros e Almeida, who, after extensive renovation works until 1947, made it his own house. 


In the early seventies, after deciding to leave a House-Museum to his country Medeiros e Almeida extends the house by destroying the garden, so that it can accommodate his entire collection of decorative arts. 


António Medeiros e Almeida then moves to a house next to it where he would live with his wife until the end of their life.


Conference Dinner Program

  • 19h00 - Bus living the hotel that hosts the Conference
  • 19h30 - Guests arrival to the Museum 
  • 19h45 - Start of the guided tours 
  • 20h30 - Appetizers 
  • 21h00 - Conference Dinner







Closing Party at "Torreão Nascente" at "Praça do Comércio"   (October 10, 2014)


The “Torreão Nascente”, is located in the magnificent “Praça do Comércio”. 

The building dates back to the late eighteenth century. It was there that was manufactured cables and weaving sails and flags. Its location was crucial - right near the river. 

Gorgeous and notorious by its singularity, the great room located in Torreão Nascente, impresses by its columns which sustain the curve ceiling and above all, the cosmopolitan and premium aspect, offered by its singular architecture and paintings on the above walls.

The building has a characteristic grid of Toscan columns that support the Toscan vault, on the east side of a historic square, without parallel in all Europe.

The square was named Praça do Comércio, the Square of Commerce, to indicate its new function in the economy of Lisbon. The symmetrical buildings of the square were filled with government bureaus that regulated customs and port activities. The main piece of the ensemble was the equestrian statue of King José I, inaugurated in 1775 in the centre of the square. 

Opening towards the Augusta Street, which links the square with the other traditional Lisbon square, the Rossio, the original project by Eugénio dos Santos planned a triumphal arch, only realised in 1875. This arch, usually called the Arco da Rua Augusta, was designed by Veríssimo da Costa. It has a clock and statues of the Glory, Ingenuity and Valour (by the French sculptor Calmels) and those of Viriatus, Nuno Álvares Pereira, Vasco da Gama and, of course, the Marquis of Pombal.


Closing Party Program

  • 19h30 - Bus living the hotel that hosts the Conference
  • 20h00 - Guests arrival to Praça do Comércio
  • 20h00 - Appetizers 
  • 21h00 - Closing Party Dinner
  • 23h00 - Closing Party until 2 a.m.